Illustrator files and NOOB here: Basic Question


I’m trying to engrave an object and I have the files worked on illustrator, saved as an SVG. When I open the file on Carbide, several of the text are highlighted in a pink which means I the have to re-join every single line together. What am I doing wrong? How do I do this in illustrator to avoid having to waste time fixing everything again in Carbide.

Also, I just downloaded some files that I was working on at a makers-space but I can’t open this on my computer. An nc. extention will open on Carbide, correct?

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If you’ll post the source file, or e-mail it to we should be able to help. It’s reprehensible to me that AI has ever allowed filling an open path.

.nc files are G-Code which if the feeds and speeds are correct can be sent to the machine for cutting using Carbide Motion.

Thanks! I’ll email the file now. I’m not sure if I’m just not preparing the files properly in illustrator. I downloaded Carbide create and not motion. I want to be able to prepare the files at home, then bring them to the makers-space. Their computer is slow and I wasted a day simply closing the lines that I had thought I did correctly on illustrator.


Okay to check on whether paths are open or no in Adobe Illustrator, make sure Document Info is showing, then set it to Objects, then select something (you can do Select All if desired).

Note that this problem actually has a specific topic in stackexchange:

and a forum discussion w/ a link to a (broken) script:

The easiest fix though is to select each sort of object, then do Select | Same | Fill & Stroke and then Pathfinder | Unite.

The balance will go in the support e-mail.

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I’m new to the CNC world as well but I used to use Illustrator to create vinyl decals. If I remember correctly I had to convert text to outlines to join everything, perhaps you have to do the same for CNC files?

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