I'm getting significant X/Y start offset in UGS from Carbide Create

I noticed that when I set my starting location to lower left, my cut will actually begin much further over in the X/Y by at least an inch or so. This does not happen if I set my file to start from center, but I can’t always do that of course. I suspect that UGS maybe is interpreting something in a weird way but I’m not great at parsing GRBL (I’m getting better, slowly, but this is a confusing one for me). I know Carbide Create doesn’t have a material offset setting the way Vcarve does, but are there any ideas for what I can do to adjust this?

Thank you!

Can you share an example of a c2d and associated gcode file you generated, where you had this problem ?
Does the problem happen if you run the same file from Carbide Motion (for the sake of testing) ?

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