I'm New to CNC Routers - G-Code Query

Will “Carbide Create” generated G-Code be okay for an Axiom AR6 machine?

Hi @RobertB,

I’m not familiar with Axiom CNCs, do you know what software the AR6 controller runs ?
If it is GRBL, then yes you can use Carbide Create and select the “GRBL” post-processor (instead of the Carbide3D Shapeoko one that is set by default), and it should work.

As @Julien noted, this is a function of the controller.

If the machine doesn’t use Grbl, then it should work to select “Basic G-Code”.

If you find that it doesn’t work, let us know what codes are and are not supported at support@carbide3d.com and we will look into what can be done.

From Dr. Google this machine uses a Richauto B18 DSP 4-Axis Controller, a Chinese made controller. Somebody posted a bit light on details list of the supported g codes on an autodesk forum, along with a link to what appears to be a youtube video from the mfg, and a bit of giggling should pull up it’s manual although I didn’t look at it. Like @WillAdams says Basic G-Code should work.

Just received this reply from an Axiom distributor but not sure what it means for using Carbide Create:

Vectric and UCCNC which controls the Axiom CNC machine both only run on Windows PC.

If you can boot Windows on your MAC both will work.

“Vectric” is irrelevant as it is a CAD/CAM program like Carbide Create, and “UCCNC” is a G-code sender/controller.

This basically means that as Will noted, if you select “Basic G-code” from CC’s post-processor list, it should work for you (i.e. that you should be able to run g-code files generated by CC, after loading them in UCCNC which seems to come with the Axiom CNCs)

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