I'm sure this is a dumb question...about tiling

So, I was trying out the tiling program with a smaller and simple project.

I set the tiles with a .25 overlap (pic attached). It only ran the bottom tile, not the top. It was pretty much done at 60%, but just kept going over and over that path (not going any deeper). I worked around it by disabling the first tile and saving the second tile in a separate file. I pulled piece down and ran that separate tile.

Is this the way it’s supposed to be done? Or did I do something wrong and it should have run in one file? It totally works saving them separately, but I just want to make sure that’s the way to go.

PS - it did cut PERFECTLY! So excited about this addition. THANK YOU!
PSS - got my 4XXL on Friday, set up on Saturday, ran lots of test stuff on Sunday, practicing tiling today. This is a GAME CHANGER for my Etsy shop!!!
PSSS - Customer service is amazing…reason why I went with this and I wasn’t disappointed!


Yes, when you turn on tiling, you only have one tile active at a time. So save your G-Code, the activate the other tile & save G-code to a different file.
If you turn off the tiling, it should still output the entire path. Which, I assume would hit a travel limit.

I don’t understand why you have a “bottom” & “top” path???
It looks like you are just doing a contour (profile). You should have 1 contour path, then let tiling separate it into 2.

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That said, I would suggest having two separate toolpaths if this stock is reasonably thick — add offset geometry (endmill diameter plus 10% or so) and then select it and the original and cut as a pocket down to tab height — it will roughly double the cut time, but will also halve the tooling engagement and markedly reduce the likelihood of things going off-course.


Okay - I have to play with it. I just checked the tile option and set the size (I went smaller just to try it). Then did tile 2 and it was placed on the top. I mean, it worked perfectly once I disabled the bottom and brought it down the 12" exactly. It was perfect.

thank you for your feedback!

Not too thick. It’s about .75" pine board. They’re decorative surfboards.

Thank you so much for the tips!

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