I'm trying to find two-color plastic material for engraving

I apologize if this is a repeated topic. I did a search and didn’t get anything. I think I’m using the wrong terminology.

Anyway, I’m looking for two-color plastic so I can make signs outside of classrooms. Basically the sign would be green and the underlayer white so that I could engrave teacher names, etc.

I don’t even know what the material would be called. My “two-color sign-making materials” search is coming up mostly empty (or I get companies that will make the signs for me, which is not what we want).


What you want is Color core HDPE — engraving plastic:


We have it in our shop:


This is the stuff, green on white:

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Thanks, guys. that’s exactly what I was looking for.

Another source for engraving plastic is McMaster-Carr.


Inventables has a selection as well:


Haven’t tried it myself, but I’ve ordered tons of wood from them in the past.


Inventables also has 2-color acrylic in addition to HDPE.

This might be an alternative…

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