Image disappears

I have a model import where something is going wonky.

If I keep the merge type as add my image is there. when I have is subtract it disappears.

Why would everything disappear if I am subtracting from the stock. If I unclick invert and have it add it chows up just fine.

When I then take it to toolpaths click 3d rough it does not let me select “use current selection” I can click select by layer but then it gives me an error message “the selected layer has no elements on it”

So frustrated

Which version of Carbide Create? If need be, please update.

Please post the files in question and a step-by-step of what you are doing where you note:

  • what you did
  • what you expected
  • what actually happened

carbide create 7 pro

It won’t let me upload the file as it is over 4mb I expected it to be able to carve the image it showed in 3d!!

pine martin small.c2d (1.0 MB)

Here is what it looks like in 3D with merge type as add not inverted

Please zip the file or send it in to

pine martin small.c2d (1.0 MB)

The STL — I thought the problem was that it wasn’t modeling as expected when subtracted from the flat component which represented the stock.

was STL the right answer?

It isn’t modeling correctly when subtracted from the flat stock.

When I go into toolpaths like it shows in the tutorial I don’t have the ability to use current selection, and there is no way to actually select anything.

When I say select by layer it gives me a message of the selected layer has no elements on it.

Post the STL, or e-mail it to

You have to create geometry and have it selected/associated w/ to define where the toolpath will be limited to.

The model is separate from the 2D ‘stock’. You need to create a 3D representation of the stock.

Create a rectangle the size of your stock. Select that rectangle & create a 3D component using Flat, Height: (your stock thickness).
Now import your image & subtract if from the previous flat component.

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