Image transfer from project to project

If i create something in a file how can i duplicate it and use it in another file. Essentially i want to ‘cut and paste’ a selected item from one project to use on another project instead of redrawing.

Cut and paste does not work between instances of CC. You can select the things you want to duplicate and export as an SVG and then import that SVG into another project.

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Or Save As… the file & then delete the stuff you don’t want. :wink:

If it’s something you want to use over again in the future, save as SVG as Guy mentioned, and then put the file in your C:\Users<your username>\AppData\Local\Carbide 3D\Carbide Create\library folder and it will show up in your library.


You can import the C2D file directly into another that is open in CC. Works in the free version 757 but I dont know when it started.


An advantage of the import is that it brings all the toolpaths in as well. Of course will likely lead to some cleanup as they all wouldn’t be relevant to the new project.

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I would say “might not” as opposed to “wouldn’t”. Depends on what you are bringing in. If it is a v-carve (or possibly a pocket) and you zero from the top, it might be just fine in the new project. If however it is set for zero@ the wasteboard you probably at least have to edit height/depth parameters (at least for a pocket).

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