Images missing in forum posts

(Scott Shwarts) #1

Many of the older forum posts are missing images rendering them, in many cases, useless. For example:


(Jared Hooper) #2

It could be the images were removed from wherever they were originally uploaded from.

(William Adams) #3

No, I checked. They seem to not be present for some reason — probably were lost when the hosting company had a problem. Hopefully @robgrz or @Jorge or @edwardrford can look into it and if possible fix it.

One thing which might be worth trying is pasting the URL into’s Wayback Machine.

(Marc Liyanage) #4

Wow that’s really too bad. I put a lot of work into that article you linked to, and I don’t think I have the original photos anymore, but the content is still valid and useful.

The wayback machine does seem to have most images, possibly in slightly lower resolution: