IMMEDIATE help from Carbide3D

I e-mailed my problem to the support team and 15 mins later Crystal responded and the replacement part is being over nighted to me. You wonder these days how much support and what a warranty is really worth. Well Carbide3D is at the top of the list, I have only experienced this level of support and customer loyalty from one other company in my long life. Amusingly, it was the trash collection company. Hats off to Carbide3D, I was in trouble and they responded with a “life saving” action. Finally a company that is NOT only concerned with sales, Carbide3D (as Edward Ford has stated multiple times) IS ONLY concerned with providing the best CNC experience and maintaining their customer’s loyalty. If they ever go public, BUY STOCK ! They can only succeed with this level of customer commitment.
Jude Marleau
I will be purchasing more machines as soon as possible.


Thanks Jude- we appreciate you taking the time to post this.


I had a recent excellent experience, as well. Having purchased a USED unit that had some problems, and not expecting any sort of warranty support at all, they actually went above and beyond to get me parts I needed.

If I had to recommend a manufacturer of small CNC routers to anyone, Shapeoko wouldn’t be the top of my list, it would be the extent of my list.

I also like this forum.

(This is my 2nd small CNC router, BTW. I have an old K2 unit).


I had a very similar experience with support recently. I pulled a bonehead move and broke my x axis limit switch actuator.

not only did I get a new actuator, I was surprised to find two new limit switches in the package as well!! All the stuff arrived much sooner than expected too…

Carbide3D is the model for what every business should be like.

if I haven’t said it enough before,

Thank You!!!