Import into CC - what do you get?

Would somebody import this file into Carbide Create & let me know what you get? The DXF is a square with chamfered corners, but in Carbide Create, I get a circle. I’ve tried all sorts of things to get it to work - recreated it from scratch, purged the DXF, saved in different versions. Nothing worked.


OW318-28-18 LOWER LENS.dxf (13.9 KB)

I get the circle you describe when importing directly into CC316 — hopefully @robgrz or @edwardrford can look at the file.

I find the most expedient thing to do is to open the DXF in a program with more robust DXF handling (Inkscape or LibreCAD are the usual ones I use) and then export to an SVG, if need be fix the file, then resave as an SVG and import that.

There is something about how the corners of this object are clipped however which results in it being imported by Carbide Create as a circle, even if it is part of a composite path.

I finally resorted to using a Boolean operation to remove a corner, importing that into Carbide Create, and then restoring the corner:

Attached. OW318-28-18 LOWER LENS.c2d (4.4 KB)

I was playing around with making a “hub” for Mexican train dominoes, and when I loaded an SVG with concentric octagons of various sizes, they all were turned into circles. I had to add a notch to each and then remove it after import of I didn’t want the octagons to be misoptimized into circles.

Since it was just a goofing-around project that failed completely (due to a bad piece of wood, mostly) during a busy weekend, I forgot all about it until I saw this thread, but I can confirm that Carbide Create does indeed seem to see circles where only polygons exist.