Import Model Angle

I am stuck. I want a model rotated 90 degress clockwise and I am not given the option to do so.

During the Carbide Create Pro tutorial, chapter 6 (3D Tool Add Image), at the 0:32 sec mark he mentions that “0 degrees and obviously the 180 degrees and of course the 90 degrees is popular as well” .

I am not seeing a way to do that without getting an error message.

Rotating the image prior to importing seems to have no impact either.

edit - I was able to rotate the image 90 deg in photoshop and it imported correctly into CC.

Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?

Rotate the model in a 3D application such as Microsoft’s 3D Builder and save the rotated file.

I ended up rotating it in photoshop and it worked fine, so same idea. Originally I was just rotating the jpeg in the default photo viewer. It saved in that view but did not import to CC rotated.

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