Import SVG Image?

I’m running the build 648 of CC Pro, just purchased it. When I go to import an image the SVG file extension is not available. This seems strange as I see all kind of references here and in videos about working with SVG file directly. Is there some switch or configuration I’m missing?

What sort of SVG are you importing?

What tool was used to make it?

Could you post it here or send it in to

Carbide Create only imports vector files and can’t accept certain constructs such as clones and text.

The SVG was created in Illustrator. I’m not having a problem with the file, per se. The issue is that I can’t find in the CC menus how to import an SVG file. When I go to Import Image under Model, the only extensions available in the selection filter are JPG, BMP, PNG

First icon in the “Import” row, in the Design tab:


The “Model” tab is for a different purpose (importing a grayscale image for 3D carving)

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You can also use File | Open for SVGs.

Note from Illustrator you want to export the SVG, not save, and clear the “Responsive” checkbox so as to ensure that it is exported at 96 ppi and will be imported at the correct size.

Thanks! (I have to get used to this workflow)

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