Import tax - any UK owners with info?

Hi! I’m about to order a Nomad, but am trying to double check how much import tax I’m going to be liable for by ordering it from the UK.

Do any existing UK owners here have experience with this? From what I can tell it should be around 3% duty and 20% VAT, does that sound about right? Doesn’t need to be exact, just making sure that I’m not setting myself up for any huge unexpected extra bills. :slight_smile:

On that note, the reason I was going to order direct as I haven’t been able to find any European distributors for the Nomad (a couple have Shapeokos, but that’s it). Does anybody know if one exists?

Thanks a lot! Looking forward to trying the machine out.

The community has one note on a Shapeoko 3:

Robotshop can get them as a special order:

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I think I paid 20% tax, a large shipping bill and a £20 processing fee from Fedex


I would also like to add - I was new to CNC when I bought my s3. I had done some manual milling but not lots. The guys at Carbide 3d and on this forum have been really great at helping me out and guiding me into more challenging projects as my knowledge increases.

I started with a name sign, now I bash out aluminium parts for my motorcycle in an evening - from concept to trial in a few hours.


That’s promising (and reassuring, I’m starting from a similar point)! Thanks both for the info - have placed the order.


For anybody finding this thread in the future: it was indeed around 20% - well, 23% but difficult to tell b/c of currency fluctuations - on top of the cost of the machine + shipping.

And it worked out of the box, just needed to swap out the power lead for a UK one (kettle type connector).


Nice and quick too!

How you finding it?

Awesome! Though has only been a few hours, so am still at the name sign stage. :slight_smile: Waiting on some bits and pieces to try out PCB milling, which was my main reason for buying the Nomad.

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