Imported SVG not lining up with work area

I’m using Carbide Create 474 with a Nomad. I create design files in Affinity Designer, then import the 96 DPI SVG files into Carbide Create. I have a custom 8 x 8 work holder in my Nomad, so to easily ensure that the design file lines up accurately with the work holder, I add an 8 x 8 square around the perimeter of the SVG file before importing.

When I import the SVG, initially it appears that the SVG matches the work area in Carbide Create, but when I zoom in closer, I can see that the SVG’s perimeter doesn’t exactly line up on all sides. Again, the design and the stock size are both 8 x 8, so I’m not sure what’s causing this discrepancy, but it seems to be slightly throwing off the alignment of my cuts.

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 4.53.57 PM Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 4.52.55 PM

I also use AD to create my SVG’s. When you export from AD to an SVG, select the vectors you want to export and choose “Selection without background” in the Area box in the export dialog. Also be sure to set the resolution to 96 dpi.
To make this method work if you are importing multiple SVG’s into CC, put the same frame around each export. Once within CC you can delete the frame. If you wish the vectors within an import to be grouped, deselect the frame immediately on import, group the remaining objects then delete the solitary frame object.

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Hi Byrne, thanks for your reply! I believe I’ve already been doing all the things you mentioned - exporting “selection without background,” 96 dpi resolution, identical 8 x 8 frame for all files…

Again, when I import the file it’s ALMOST perfect - it’s only when I zoom in very closely that I can see that the frame doesn’t quite line up with the work area. Any other suggestions?

Now that I look closely, I see the same issue you are seeing. Weird. For me it hasn’t mattered yet, all my imported SVG’s align perfectly and I haven’t needed exact registration with an edge of the material. If you do, there’s an easy work-around. After importing all SVG’s, leaving one frame, select-all then grab the lower left node on the SVG frame and drag to align with the lower left corner of the CC frame, snapping will perfect the allignment.

BTW, I’m using build 433 so this issue has been around for awhile. I just tried importing a square which was exported as an SVG from Graphic. This exhibited the same behavior along the x only more extreme displacement; the y allignment was right on. This also appears to be independent of where toopath zero is located.

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