Importing a DXF and assigning toolpaths

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Given a DXF which imports as:

We first go to Job Setup:

and adjust things so that they can be re-sized in terms of millimeters instead of inches:

and we re-size the geometry to the correct size:


and group it and align it to the stock:

The very fine grid is potentially confusing:

So we set it to a reasonable size:



and Ungroup:

Checking, the space around the parts is reasonable:

Presumably the small circles are for holes for dowels:

There is a feature which should select them:

which oddly misses some:

We make a layer for them:

and move the selected ones there:

Then we hide that layer:

select the remainder:

and move it to that layer as well:

Next we use a feature for selecting the small regions:

Select anything which was missed and move it to that layer as well:

Select all the part geometry:

Offset to the outside by endmill diameter plus 10% or so:


Group Vectors:

Select everything except for the outermost geometry and the branding:

and assign a Pocket toolpath with a suitable tool:

(Note that we are assuming that the workholding will be such that tabs are not needed)

If one wants the Text for labeling, assign a V carving toolpath:

Selecting by Layer

and similarly a Drill toolpath for the alignment holes:


The design seems to be from:

for folks who want to make their own.

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