Importing a file

I have a pdf file of a logo that I want to import into Carbide Create but can’t seem to figure it out. Does it need to be a dxf file? So far I have had no luck getting the pdf to import into carbide.

Inkscape is free and you open pdf’s and export svg. Open the PDF in Inkscape. Then go to File menu and “Save As”. Select file types and select “Plain svg” and enter file name and save. Only graphics will be saved the text of a pdf is not saved.

To be specific, only paths are imported by Carbide Create.

Text as text will not be — select it in Inkscape and use Path | Object to Path to convert to path geometry which will be imported.

You can use Outline view to see what should be imported.

Pixel images won’t be imported and would need to be traced or re-drawn.

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