Importing a svg file

Why can’t I import this svg. I started with a jpg opened it in lightburn/inkscape/gimp saved it as an svg file. But it will not import into carbide create.
What am I doing wrong. I also tried to save it as a dfx file it also would not import/open.

When using Inkscape I save as Plain SVG. Not had an issue
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The short answer is probably that when you save an image as a SVG, you create an SVG with an image element in it. Image elements are ignored by Carbide Create when importing SVGs.

If you want to have the shape of an image imported into Carbide Create, you have to convert that image to vectors.

Inkscape has a “Trace Bitmap…” feature that converts images to vectors.
Carbide Create also has this feature, so you can load the image into Carbide Create and convert it to vectors there.

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I have saved as Inkscape svg by accident and it still worked.

The svg format has been discussed and various programs save or export svg and the difference seems to be in dpi and the svg file headers. I believe cc likes 96 dpi best.

Can you share the file?

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Please post the file or send it in to

I forgot to post the files. Here they are.

Not sure why both images don’t show.

Thanks for all of the replies. I use the inkscape trace bitmap to get the image in carbide create. Not sure why I had so much trouble. In lightburn it showed up as an outline image.
Difficult to cut a breve character when you don’t know how to enter one or if the font has one.

You should be able to enter that accent — just use charmap or bring up the touch keyboard and press-hold on the letter you want accented.

I used to use a special keyboard utility for this, but not sure if it works on current systems:

FWIW, these days, I just search for the word and copy-paste from the search results.

Thanks. I didn’t think of the googling the word. In this case it is a persons last name. But I did find where I could copy the name with the breve character. When I copied the name in lightburn. All of the characters displayed in the script font. Except the letter with the breve accent. It displayed in the font that I copied. I’m assuming that the script font does not have that character in the font.
But again thanks you have giving me some additional knowledge to work on this project.

Set the text in a tool which supports Unicode, then convert to paths, then import the geometry of the text.

good idea. Thanks. Though I may never have to do this again.

I start here to convert to an svg: if it don’t work, then I seek a more complicated conversion. This also works well: - ImageToStl. It does a variety of conversation, just scroll to the bottom of the page.