Importing DXF from Flexipro

Hi Guys, I’m playing with the Carbide Create software prior to buying a Shapeoko, When I try to import a DXF that I created in Flexipro it doesn’t import into Carbide Create. Any suggestions?
Dan the Signman

Post the file here or send it in to

I get a notice when I try to import the same file that it won’t load because of “polylines” ?

Kickstand design.dxf (41.3 KB)

I wasn’t able to open it in Carbide Create either.

Opening it in LibreCAD and exporting as a MakerCAM SVG allowed it to open, but tiny:

Attached (after scaling up 25.4)

Kickstand design.c2d (223.4 KB)

Thanks Will, I followed your instructions and was able to open it in Carbide Create and then resize it .
I’ll thinking of buying the standard Shapeoko as I make house plaques mostly.

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The community has the following notes at:

For DraftSight: CHANGE > all > Properties > elevation > 0. This sets the elevation of all elements to zero (makes Z equal to zero).

Further discussion at:

Textures in Autodesk Fusion 360 seem not to work.[Can't import DXF from Fusion 360]

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