Importing SVG file to CC

New to the CNC world and looking for help importing an SVG file. I use Silhouette Studio to design SVG files and plan on using them a lot. I have made my current file a compound path and resaved, tried again and still nothing comes up after I import. Any other suggestions would be much appreciated.

Silhouette Studio uses clones to store geometry which Carbide Create does not support.

If there is no way to export the SVG from Silhouette w/o using this feature then you can either import the SVG into a 3rd party tool and rework it so that it has the geometry as geometry, or export a PDF and convert that into an SVG.

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Thanks for your response. I was actually uploading a file .studio3 from my silhouette. I finally got it figured out…After upgrading my silhouette membership I now have the ability to save as an svg. No issues uploading now.

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