Importing Tool databases

I am still very new to all of this. I just purchased Vcarve desktop because I want to do “more”, the quotes are because I am not yet ready for more, but that’s who I am… I paid for CC Pro and will continue to use it as well for simpler projects.

I downloaded the Carbide3D.tool file and imported it. I opened CC and Vcarve side by side to check to see what was imported vs. what was stock for the tools in CC.

They are different. Not by much, but they are different.

I know I can push my machine depending on the material harder/faster than the stock settings and have used the Speeds and Feeds Workbook spreadsheet to good results, but I am still kind of leery about making changes, so I am wondering why they are different to begin with?

Are the tool settings in Carbide3D.tool I imported into Vcarve more optimal than what is in CC by default?

Where did you get the Carbide3D.tool file for VCarve from ?

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A post from Will Adams Carbide 3D tools file for Vectric Aspire/Vcarve

Will has given/helped me with all the answers I have asked for and then some, so I assume it’s 100% legit.

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I dunno about legit.

It was posted to the old Shapeoko forums after being shared on the Unofficial Facebook Group, then was added to the wiki.

YMMV, please check before using, and adjust as necessary.

The only official feeds and speeds are the ones on the docs pages and in Carbide Create (and for Nomads) in MeshCAM when using a Carbide 3D license.

Understood Will.

It doesn’t seem too far off from default and it’s not as aggressive as I’ve run my machine in some cases, so I guess really just a learn it yourself kind of thing.

it just seems like there should be an “optimal” or something, rather than the defaults in CC (for the bits they sell) which I have learned are, at the least, conservative. It seems like every other person has Vectric so I thought there might be a CC tool database that works for everyone.

I am glad it was posted though, I wasn’t looking forward to hand entering all the tools and getting something “wrong”. Now I can just go through and look for anything that seems maybe off or make adjustments from that.

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