Impressions from behind the V-inlay

Hi all,

I am working on a name sign where I put a wooden inlay into an acrylic sheet, using wood glue.
The look from the backside caught my attention and I made some photos which I’d like to share with you.

Side/back view into the acrylic:

The edge got sanded/polished up to grain 12.000 in order to allow a clear view.

And frontal view from the back:

The colors in the previous images are exaggerated, here’s an example with realistic colors:

And - in order to discuss the approach a bit - a front view from the top:

The edges are fuzzy which is immeadiatly evident because the background is transparent. :smiley:
Also, there are gaps that got filled with glue. During sanding, some particles of the sanding paper got stuck in there. I think the problem here is, that the acrylic is not flexible enough to even out little inaccuracies under pressure.

How would you change your workflow if you went from wood-wood inlays to acrylic-wood inlays?