In the GDR, I found a different use for a spindle

I happened to be in the DDR Museum in Berlin, admiring the stretch Volvo and spotted this excellent accessory for your rotary power tools. Apparently gardening was a big thing before the wall came down.


Now you just need a VFD backpack.


Won’t cut much grass with a 10mm drill bit :rofl:

I doubt many modern drills would stand up to the duty cycle requirements of cutting a whole lawn.

If only it was a cordless with a McFly in the chuck… :joy:

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Hey that would work but at less than 2" you have to make a lot of passes. I have about 2 acres to cut so I wonder how long that would take? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Might want to start with an adaptive clearing toolpath :wink:

Too many retracts.


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