Inch or mm and clear drawing missing?

Hello all.
I have purchased a Shapoko XXL it is standing in boxes at home.
To be ready to start using it when i come home (sailor) i have downloaded the Carbide Create but when i look at youtube it does not look the same.
When i switch from inch to mm the numbers get red as if it is out of scale. if i put in 10 inch and change to mm the numbers turns red and 254.000 mm. ???
I am from Denmark and would like to use mm instead of Inch.
The clear drawing field is not existing. ???
Can anybody help or explain
Thank you in advance.

most likely a localization issue, I had the same pb, this try:


Clear drawing option was removed. Just select File/New from the top menu and it will give you a new clear drawing.

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@Julien is correct.

The text is in red because when it changes from an integer to a decimal number the wrong (.) decimal separator is used, so that system sets it to be not a number.

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