Inductive homing switches ( Z-Plus option )

found a mention of this on here

Does anyone know if this is a real product / upgrade and how to order?
Thank you


The Z-plus option does indeed come with an integrated inductive proximity switch, that’s this part there:


As far as I am aware there is a plan to provide a proximity switch upgrade kit to retrofit machines, but it’s not released yet.

Some people have sourced third party proximity switches and installed them, you can find a few threads about this on the forum.

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We have been hit with a few delays as rolling out a universal kit - that said we are pushing through and hope to have the full kit out soon.



Thank you, looking forward to it. So the Z+ and HDZ do come with inductive sensors?

At the moment we only offer the Z-Plus with new machines and with that the whole machine get inductive switches.

When we are in a position to offer the retro fit kit it will be for all machines and axis.


So if I buy a poko with the Z plus I will not be able to upgrade to the HDZ?

Of course you can. We will have a bracket that accommodates the Z limit switch for the HDZ and would be provided to anyone who upgrades.

At this moment in time the brackets are causing the main delay.


Luke, thank you for your reply.
I ordered a SO3 with the Z+ option and I also ordered a HDZ. The order(s) are in transit.
what should I expect to receive in my particular case.

Seem like I have everything I need as it related to the inductive limit sensors?
Thank you

Ok, because the brackets are not available as yet (they are still in production) We will need to issue one out specially. If you can email your order ID to along with a link to this thread we will look to ship you a mount specially.



This is exactly what I was trying to inquire about also. I would like the prox switches but also want a HDZ.
I wish I could just buy the unit with a HDZ and Prox switches and not waste money on the Z+ or the time switching over later, plus I already have 2 unused stock z units…

Will the HDZ ever be offered as a package like the Z plus is?

That is the plan, we just need to scale up production further which we are working on.


Does the Z-Plus stepper motor work with the HDZ? They look different.

It is different. We also ship a replacement stepper.

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What’s the difference between the two motors?

This is included in the upgrade correct?


@neilferreri - the Z-Plus has a lead screw shaft and no way to a fix a ball screw.


So no loose set screws?! What will the forum do?



omg lol, apparently that is a common one uh?

Will can retire …