Inexpensive cyclone from Home Depot


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I was looking to get a dust deputy until i found this gem. Much shorter than the dust deputy so I can fit it under the table for my XXL. here is a comparitive review of the two. They seem pretty evenly matched.


There’s been some interesting discussion of this on the sawmillcreek forums — the inventor has actually chimed in with some interesting performance information.

Thanks, Will! Ill check it out!

I saw this other one also. Even more low profile.,42401&ap=1

I think this model does not have the baffle inside that keeps the dust in the container. While I have not tried this one, I have another similar product with a slightly different design, it does not have a baffle and I found that it was not efficient and did not seal the top of the garbage can very well so suction was significantly reduced. As a result, contrary to the claims, only about half of the chips from my planer stayed in the garbage can. The problem, in part, may be that garbage cans are not standard and are not very stiff. One blockage of the pipe and the can wants to collapse and debris gets sucked into the vacuum.

You HAVE to have a baffle.

Also, you’re probably better-off making your own. The units sold @ Home Depot have a rounded top, which really doesn’t model great because it introduces an different type of rotation above the baffle, and a point of slower air movement closer to the outlet tube.

For the best separation of the finest materials, you really want the top to be flat.


So everyone does not have to look for it, here is the link to the Dustoppper discussion on Sawmillcreek forum referenced by @WillAdams!


I got one of these Duststoppers this past Saturday. I got it for the same reason as you did. It fits under the table of my XXL along with the Rigid vac that it’s attached to. It seems to do an adequate job. I haven’t checked to see if it’s dropping debris in the vacuum canister. I can see thru the HD bucket though that the Duststopper is doing what it’s supposed to.

I also have a DustDeputy (wannabe that I got off eBay a couple of years ago) that’s attached to a mobile dust collection cart. I haven’t done any side-by-side comparisons but my gut tells me that the mobile cart setup works a little better. I’ll find out for sure in the coming weeks.

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Keep us updated on what you find

@cgallery knows of what he speaks…

I have a Dustopper and use it ever since I got my Shapeoko. It works great and I have seen no issues with it. I love that it’s low profile to fit under my workbench. I suck up everything from MDF dust to aluminum and plastic chips and nothing much gets past it. I haven’t seen a reason to change to anything else. I think a lot of people chase down that last 0.1% that gets through but it’s not worth it for me. Plus, at $40, it’s not worth my time making my own.

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I have been running a dustopper and a Rigid shopvac as my dustcollection for the last year or so. It really works great and you cant beat it for the price! Just make sure you dont let your 5 gallon bucket tip over or all your dust/shavings will get sucked in to the vac. I put a HEPA filter inside my shopvac for the peach of mind with that .1% that can get through.


Put a bag in your shopvac and that small amount that gets past the separator won’t blind your filters.


Oh man! I haven’t had a chance to do any comparisons yet but I saw this slick cart design for the Duststopper and Rigid vacuum cleaner setup on YouTube!

This design will definitely take up less space than my current cart with the DustDeputy does!


So I skipped the part where the original guy’s vacuum was shorter than mine. I cut the legs to 28". I discovered that they were about a foot too short for my vac! So…I improvised and got 'er done. I need to get that other elbow though.


I picked up a Duststopper recently. It seems like a good and relatively cheap solution. Making a cart/stand is a must though, otherwise the bucket ends up falling over on the floor behind you.


Or you can cut a round hole in your SO3 cart and plop the bucket right in:

But that kinda ties your bucket for SO3 only use.


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DustStopper - After this thread has died down a bit I go and bring it back! :smiley:

My version has good enough casters that it will follow me around while I’m cleaning up. I use a short hose to hook up to machines.


Great, I’m integrating mine into my new Shapeoko workstation using the Rigid portable vacuum, it is enclosed to reduce the noise and does not take additional floor space but I like your concept for general shop cleaning.