Inexpensive PC - $79

(Gary Ratajczak) #1

Spotted this one in case anyone looking. Should run CM no issue.

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(Luc) #2

I’ve had many ASUS Notebooks and the quality has gone down significantly. I loved them, at some point it became my main PC for work. My last one, however, similar to this but with a slightly larger screen, gave me a lot of grief with the battery not lasting, charging issues (USB Charger/plug), MS updates not loading properly and not being very powerful.

Just my $0.02

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(F B) #3

This is also using ddr2 ram, which was released in 2003, so I wouldn’t recommend it on that alone. has good prices on their stuff. If you hold out you can get really good deals (recently got a inspiron 5450 corei5 with 256 gig ssd, 8gb ram, and hd screen for $218 shipped)