Infinity Mirror Proof-of-Concept Build

I ended up with some mirrored acrylic and polycarbonate over the course of my material hoarding, so I decided to make a basic infinity mirror. Hit up the video for full details, and let us know if you like the more in-depth format works. It’s more time-consuming to make, but if you get more out of it then it’s worthwhile.


I like the longer / more detailed format…


The first scene where you’re chipping the plastic off the tiny endmill…first time you did it I thought “snap!”. But then by some freak of nature miracle it worked,…until the second time! Been there, done that, made me cringe watching, haha!!! Cool project, thanks for sharing!


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Very cool, I really like the format you used for that video - excellent detail without being boring. Thank you!

Hi Winston,
As always you have produced another amazing video! I was able to learn new techniques from seeing the tool path settings you shared. I would like to make some infinity mirrors soon, and with this guide it will be a breeze!
If you would please consider sharing the files with a fusion public link, It would be very helpful.
Thank you! <-- Fusion Files

If I’m being perfectly honest, I wouldn’t bother using my files. If you are willing to use more traditional joinery methods for the frame, or construct it differently, it would be a lot more efficient to produce. The frame design I came up with was kind of experimental.

Using box joints or splines would be way easier to get a good fit. Would also be much better if you glued in the mirror at the end, or use tabs to hold the back mirror in, like in a picture frame, so that you could wire up the electronics without being so constrained.

I very much appreciate the tips! One of the parts I most wanted to see is the different tool path settings, and the methods you used to locate the stock you were carving out.
I was struggling with figuring out how to carve models out without creating huge valleys around it with a larger piece of stock. When I saw how you did it, I tried your method on a piece I am working on and it was a huge improvement over what I was trying to do. Studying your tool files will be a huge benefit for my future work.
I downloaded the Fusion files. Thank you!