Initializing problems

In the middle of a job, the bit started to plunge deep, so I stopped the program. When I tried to initialize the machine, it started bouncing up and down and then Carbide Motion turned itself off. What could be wrong? I think you can see a video of it here: This is what happens when I try to initialize the machine | By Glen | Facebook

Hi @GlenSpicer,

From the video it looks like it could the pulley slipping on the Z motor shaft (maybe it got loose after the plunge incident?). Can you try and look if you see the pulley turning normally while the Z axis itself dances up and down as it does in the video ? or does the pulley rattle back and forth too ? (which would rather indicate an electrical issue)

Either way you can also contact to troubleshoot the problem.

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There is no slack at mall in the pulley nthat bI can see.

Allright, another possible culprit is a loose Z belt, which would then slip on the pulley. On a belt-driven Z axis that is a common thing to happen. The crash you had may have knocked off position the belt tensioning screw.
Check that? The belt should be tight.

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