Initializing XXL Pro for first time

Yes the LED comes on

Check the wiring at the controller side, on the connector labelled BitSetter on the board. Does it look like each of the three wires is correctly seated in the connector ?

If problem persists, you should follow-up with

I got the bitsetter to recognize and tried to do the Bit zero and that didn’t work

Before you proceed with any BitZero stuff: so the machine initialized completely, including correct BitSetter probing, and moved back away from the bitSetter ?

Yeah it probed just fine after a few tries

I just initialized again and it went through the cycle, probed and now its front and center

Looks like you are good to go. Be sure to configure Carbide Create post processor as per 10.7, and watch the tutorials, to understand how one sets zeroes and runs a job. There are a number of pitfalls, so you do need to read about it beforehand :slight_smile:


Thanks Julien, if I continue to have issues I will call support tomorrow. I appreciate the help

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