Inkscape projects

I watched this tutorial on vectorizing photos with Inkscape-

and thought I’ld share some V carvings I did on the Shapeoko XXL, in some .125" thick high density fiber board- (HDF) These were carved at .05" deep with a 60 degree bit.

I did some Cityscapes too.
St. Louis, Missouri

Back alley, behind the Twin Towers, in New york-

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If I may make one small, design / typography / lettering suggestion / observation:

Please don’t use ALL-CAPS settings when they don’t work well, and it almost never works in blackletter/Old English/Fraktur scripts (PHIL 4:13)

We have a little bit on this on the wiki at: Shapeoko CNC Router, Rigid, Accurate, Reliable, and Affordable

(and I’m adding a section on font styles) — done, that now reads:

Minimize variations in font styles to only those which improve a design, and express the desired effect. When in doubt, plainer and more legible will probably work better than unnecessarily ornate and unreadable. Lines of text should be no wider than two or three alphabets. Blackletter/Old English/Fraktur fonts should almost never be used in all caps. A useful guideline when in doubt is to follow the traditional hierarchy of text — use the oldest / grandest font for the title and largest headlines and a more recent one for subheads, and a contemporary one for the text.

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Thanks for the tip. Something, I’ll definitely try to remember.