Inlaid US Flag End Grain Cutting Board

Wanted to do this for awhile so I thought I’d document the process for a little video. All in all I think the inlays turned out very well. The stars were cut on my 2016 standard SO3 with Z-plus and a 1/16 endmill.


How do you like the Grizzly planer?

Really enjoy it. It was a great addition to the shop and a big upgrade from my old DeWalt 12.5”. Honestly Don’t have anything bad to say about it, other than it was a bear getting into my basement, ha.

Six years ago I retired and built my current home and shop. I moved my entire woodworking shop on a 6X12 foot trailer. I had to take my Powermatic 66 tablesaw apart and it was a bear to move by myself. I backed my trailer up to the concrete patio and put the mobile base on the concrete and walked the saw off onto the mobile base. A few years ago I bought an SCM 16" bandsaw that delivered on its back on a pallet. I took the upper pallet/crate off and was able to stand it up after I took the cast iron table off. So I understand how hard it is to move heavy equipment by yourself. The bandsaw has wheels in the back and a 2 wheeled dolly you lift the brake up to move the saw. I have about a 3 inch ramp in the door of the shop and the saw is long enough to high center the saw so you have to really push with enough momentum to get it up the ramp and into the shop. Whenever possible I move portable equipment outside to avoid the saw dust in the shop. I run a flexible Rockler 4 inch host outside to collect dust but the bandsaw still makes a mess.

Nice Flag. I am planning to make something similar that is a hideout for a rifle/hand gun for my grandson’s house.