Inlays on thick wood

I’m trying to carve an inlay on a thick cutting board. When a bit change occurs, there is insufficient room above the workpiece to change bits. Is there an easy way for a beginner to convince the spindle to move away from the workpiece to do the tool change? I’m willing to create a “drop space” on the waste board bed but would prefer not to.

What machine and software are you using? Knowing that would help in coming up with a solution.

Thanks for responding. I’m using a shapeoko 3 xxl and carbide create pro.

I’m assuming that you are manually measuring your different bits. One way to get around this would be to run each toolpath with a different tool as a separate job. Reinitializing the machine will allow you to change the bit. You will still have your zeros set from the last job so no need to reset that.

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I am manually setting bit heights with a gauge block and, yes, I’ll give your solution a try. Thanks.

Your advise is good but you can just disable all but the first toolpath and run the job. Then edit the c2d file in CC and disable the first toolpath and enable the second tool path and save. That would work without all the excessive files and the mistakes that could be made.

@iknowjack I have an SO3 with HDZ BitSetter and BitZero and BitRunner. Those accessories make your life so much simpler. You could consider at a minimum the BitSetter. They are available from C3D.

Thanks for the feedback.

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