Inlays problems today

I know this topic has been discussed many times because I have read all of them. I tried an inlay yesterday and finished it today. My female pocket was cut using a 1/8 bit and a 60degree v bit on advanced v carve feature with CC. Matart depth was 0 and max depth was 2.0. And everything cut fine. On the male plug I use a start depth of 0.09 and max of 2.0. Also using same bits used for female. My plug fit in the pocket but as pic shown it wasn’t a tight fit. Actually in the main part of the tree trunk the plug didn’t adhere to the pocket at all. Also if you zoom in on pic you can see some separation between the plug and the pocket. Any and all commits are welcome. If I haven’t provided enough info please tell me.

I have never done any inlay work but would like to try some in the future.

I can say this from what little I have read on this topic I would guess that the issue is in the male insert.

How about checking this topic out and see if it can help you any.

Also post your file I would like to see if I can help


I will post the files tomorrow. Thanks

Millimeters? Or 0.2 inch?

Inches. Not MM. sorry. 0.2

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How did you clamp it?
Did you have any issues with the depths being incorrect? With your numbers, there would be 0.11" of cavity (probably too much) under the male inlay. Typically we see an inlay that doesn’t fit is “bottoming out”.

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The plug seemed to fit good and I used a good amount of glue. I will be doing another one tomorrow and will change gap to 0.02.

I used 8 clamps around the two pieces and let it dry overnight. I really don’t think inlays should be this hard but I am struggling. Are there standard settings to use when making an inlay. I do understand the necessity for the glue gap but can’t seem to make it work.

The first thing that jumps out is your slug and your pocket are the same depth at 0.2". It may be bottoming out before it reaches the full width of the of the pocket cut. I did a write up here on inlays in Estlcam, but the same should apply in CC.

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