Input Pin State issue

Hello. I have a Shapeoko 5 Pro 4x4 running the latest version of CM (636, I believe). I am periodically getting the HM008 error code when initializing my machine. In summary, I will connect to CNC, it begins the homing cycle (Z goes up and homes), it travels back to X, and touches off on the Y axis. At this point it gives me the HM008 error, indicating a homing switch/out of square issue. When I go to DEBUG in CM, it indicates that the Input Pin State of the Y is “on”. I have changed out all homing switches and made sure there is no metal, debris, or other things in the way. Any help for me??


Also, I even unplugged the Y axis homing switch amd it still shows “on”

We will do our best to assist you with this in your ticket on support.