Insert Library Element missing in CC 514?

I just started trying out CC today and am following the coaster build in Winston Moy’s “Intro to Carbide Create and Making Gcode” video. In the video, he loads up and talks about the collection of Design Elements that are available with CC. It appears he opens the Design Elements dialog by clicking the “open book” icon in the Import section on the Design tab. In the CC 514 version that I’m using today, that doesn’t appear to be available anymore, and I can’t seem to find it anywhere else in the UI. Did this feature go away with the update to CC 5? I see in the video, he’s using CC 451.

I’m running on Mac Big Sur Version 11.0.1 if that is of interest.


Correct. At this time the beta version of Carbide Create 5xx series do not have the Insert Library button. It may be that this is moving to be on-line, but that has not been made clear to me.

In the meanwhile a work-around is to install CC474 and use it to import Library elements, then save as a .c2d file which may be opened in CC514.

Hi Will
I have a version of CC474 on another computer, not the one that I currently use to design projects. My design computer has version 514 and is also missing the Design Elements.
Is there a way to go into the C drive of the old computer and copy the Design Elements portion only from the program and transfer it to the desktop of my newer computer.
I looked through the C drive and could not locate it…

Not that I know of. The problem is not just the graphics are gone, but also the icon and interface for importing them.

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