Inside elements of letters like A and R

I’m using a 60 degree v bit but the inside of the letter A and R etc does not look right. Any guidance on how to make look better? I’ve attached some images.

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Mostly likely the Z zero isn’t quite right?

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I had it touching board on Z axis when set to zero. New to this though so tell me if need to do something different thanks.

Most likely the V diameter is too small to allow the large areas to be cut.

Select the counters, inset them by half the V diameter twice, then select the inner and outer paths for a V carve, and use the middle one for a pocket — you’ll need to clear some material with a chisel if there’s a sharp corner.

Alternately, use a tool such as Vectric Vcarve which can depth limit Vcarving.


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That is what my lettering looked like when I told the software that angle of my v bit was larger than it actually was.

Did you use the same bit/setting for the outside of the letters?

Thanks yes used same bit. It’s a 60 degrees bit and have it set to 30 degrees.

You have an offset outside the letter shape that’s the same distance on all the letters so the v carve on the outside is the same depth and width on all of them. Rather than a similar offset on the inside of the counters on the R and A you’ve tried to v carve out the whole of the counter and your bit wasn’t wide enough to do that.

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Agree w/ @JaredHooper — using the same inset in the counters as the offset around the letterforms will create a more uniform appearance.

Thanks guys still new to all the jargon so a bit confused. I selected the outer element and set the offset to 0.1 inches and to Inside. Then the inner element and set the same offset but offset to outside. It still draws the path the same as before. I’ve tried different values to 0.1 as well to see if makes a difference. Not sure if I am making right settings? Untitled

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Thanks everyone I sorted it. Selected both elements and did V carve between them and looks ok now. Appreciate all the help for this newbie!!


Pictures? Got me all excited for Star Wars now. :grin:

Lol here you go its just for my step daughters room I’m not mass producing to sell lol.


Fortuitous knot placement!

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Well planned I would say :wink:

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