Install laser head on shapeoko pro

Is it possible, does the micro have a port for this?

Yes. The Shapeoko controller runs GRBL and outputs a “PWM” output that is modulated based on the commanded RPM speed, but in the case of a laser it can be used as a 0-5V analog voltage to drive laser intensity. There are many threads about this on the forum, let us know if you have specific questions, we have numerous laser users here.

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I would like to opt for one that is 2.5 to 5w. Which one would you recommend that is suitable to install in shapeoko pro xl?

Myself, I got one from JTech Photonics, and I’m very happy with it.

I went for JTech essentially because they have Shapeoko-specific bundles (so the “how to attach the laser to the router mount” aspect is taken care of), and a number of safety features that were important for me (multiple interlocks on the laser controller, and a laser shroud). They have a Shapeoko4-specific bundle that should work fine on the Pro, since the router mount is the same.

Of course they are not cheap, it’s up to you to figure out if cheaper options would suit your needs/expectations (just stay away from the cheapest ones, unless you really know what you are doing)

I hear several people here have Neje laser modules, maybe they will comment.

Whatever you choose, safety first. In all cases, be sure to get a VERY good pair of laser goggles. Your eyes are worth infinitely more than a few dollars.

Oh, one last thing, for the laser to work with the Shapeoko controller, make sure it takes a 0-5v input. Some use a 0-10V input and that implies complications that are not worth the effort.

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Hehehe better to opt for a separate laser router, Thanks man.

That’s actually the conclusion a number of folks here have come to :slight_smile:
I hear Ortur laser machines are popular.

:grinning: I will consider it

So I pulled the trigger on an Ortur laser, 20 watt? Seems they rate their lasers on power consumption, not power output (5.5 watts) Still, I do not like the swiss army knife approach to CNC equipment, and don’t need a large laser engraver, so I’ll see what arrives tomorrow.

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Nice! You’ll have to supply some feedback. I, like many others, have a JTech laser. It’s certainly a practice in patience when using the laser while I have other CNC projects in the queue. I’d like to get a standalone, and have been eyeing the Ortur for a little bit. I do enjoy the large work area of our Shapeoko’s (XL here) though.

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Iwent with the LU2-4, the desktop version, as it would allow me to get my toes wet, without spending a lot of money. If I decide I want a larger burning area, I’ll build a larger frame, and move the components over to it.

hehehe hey folks, I opted for a 20W Twotrees. I am exploring some projects with my Shapeoko pro xl and this laser is just for some simple plugins. Instagram: @kaamcraft