Installing Carbide Create Pro on Second PC and need link

Searched forum and could not find answer on this topic.

Looks like this is OK if only using one copy at a time.

WillAdams William Adams (Carbide 3D)Regular

Jul '21

One may install Carbide Create Pro on as many computers as one wishes per the license — so long as only one copy is in use at any given time.

On Carbide 3d site the CC Pro software downlink in only for new paid copies.

How or where is the link to down load if you already have a license and want to install CC Pro on new PC?

There’s only one binary to download:

Once it’s installed, just re-enter your license on the second machine.

Thanks just found instructions. Thanks for working on Sunday.

To register Carbide Create Pro:

  • Start Carbide Create.

  • Open the Help menu.

  • Click Register.

  • Paste the entire license code from above into the window.

  • Click OK.

That worked Thanks

My first year of CC Pro updates will end on 11-19-2022. Will they have the fix for the CC Pro Bug I have in time for me to get the update?

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