Installing my Bitsetter

I finally tried to install my Bitsetter today and was very disappointed to find out that I’m missing all that came with it. A few days after ordering my Bitsetter I spent a few weeks at the hospital after having open-heart surgery. I have no clue what happened to the Bitsetter’s box. What do I need to do? Can I order a replacement for the missing items, or do I have to buy another Bitsetter? All I have is the actual Bitsetter device. My board is rev. 2.4f and I do have the Touch Probe connected.

The bit setter and the touch probe should have come with a board to split the connector so both items can be connected.

I think that’s all you need.

This is assuming you bought one from carbide and not a 3rd party

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As mentioned, adaptor board to allow BitSetter and BitZero as well as connector. Email support, I’m sure they’ll square you away.


I purchased both, the probe and the Bitsetter directly from Carbide 3D. I’m sure my Probe did not come with any boards or splitters. This probably was part of the Bitsetter.

Looking at the picture in the PDF file in the link you posted, from the A, B, C, & D parts, I only have A.




Please contact us about this at and we’ll get the missing parts to you.


@WillAdams It’s a mistake on my part and I would like to be charged for the missing parts. You guys proved yourself to be a “top-notch” when it comes to taking care of your customers, and I do not want to feel like I’m taking advantage of your excellent customer services.


I bought the BitZero before there was a Bit Setter and it did not come with a splitter board. I bought the Bit Setter when it first came out and it came with the splitter board. There were a few cable ties, the splitter board a cable and the bit setter with a bracket and some grub screws (Set Screws).

When you get another splitter board if they have not addressed the board is covered with clear material to keep the board from shorting out inside the controller housing. I hooked up every thing and then wraped the splitter board with electrical tape to make sure it did not short out inside the enclosure.


I wrapped mine w/ a bit of “Ranger band” (a cut length from an old bicycle inner tube)


Mine is just floating inside the compartment…should I tape it?

The board I got had some clear plastic looking stuff over the pins. I covered mine with electrical tape just in case.


I contacted C3D via email & requested to be charged for the missing parts, and was expecting a call or an invoice to take care of it. Instead, I received this package yesterday. I’m lost for words. If I did not purchase this IQ a few months ago, I would of got a 2nd XXL. There is one thing I’m sure of, I will be your first customer for a Shapeoko 4. Thank you Carbide 3D.