Instructables Contest and PRIZES

Carbide Community!
I just wanted to remind everyone what a great resource Instructables is for documenting your Projects,
and they have great contests going year round with PRIZES.

The Carbide 3D sponsored CNC contest has 9 days left, check it out and Vote.
if you have a project to share, now is a great time to post it and enter one of the many contests.


Thanks for introducing me to instructables. I had a lot of fun documenting my first project on the nomad and making an instructable about it. I made an LED meditation cube :slight_smile: If anyone ones to have a look here is the link

So many ideas to build on the new nomad and so little time lol


This is a great little project, thanks for sharing it!

Thanks Mike. Let me know if you have a go building it. Would love to see