IntelliG-Code and Z-axis Probing

Are there any users of Software Redefined’s IntelliG-Code sender with an S3 and a Z-axis probe / touch-plate? I’m looking to standardize my workflow, deciding between CM, GRBL-Panel and IntelliG-Code. Z-axis probing is something I’ve wanted to set up for quite a while and if it works well on IntelliG-code that’s a big win in that column.


I use it all the time in combination with the Triquerta touchplate. Roger, the developer, is a member here and he will probably chime in. I havent used the probing option in the software but my advice is download the demo and give it a whorl.

I use it all the time. I find the probing with the triquetra probe and intelli-gcode works real well.

Me Three! Works very well.