Interesting announcement from Inventables

(Andy Gillanders) #1

Inventables raises $11.5M for its desktop milling technology

Most of the money will go into developing Easel and to make it work with more machines (Shapeoko perhaps?)


(Jonathan Anderson) #2

Interesting. We haven’t heard much official news from Carbide3D on what they’ve been up to. Carbide Pro is in beta and is very new so that’s one thing. Lots of new additions to the team sound like new things are coming but not quite there yet.


(Julien Heyman) #3

Possible arm’s race between Easel and CC Pro…interesting.

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(Matt Harper) #4

I’m pretty satisfied with the newest release of CC. Definitely could do more, but it’s way better than it used to be. I’m most excited to see what the acquisition of Mr. Beaver will do to improve Carbide 3D products! I’d love to see more upgrade options (HDZ, spindle, steel belts, laser?!, etc) available during kit purchase, and possibly even make some things stock to begin with, like better tramming and eccentric nuts. Perhaps one day Carbide 3D will sell a machine, either stock or with upgrade options, that has no belts at all.


(William Adams (Carbide 3D)) #5

There was an announcement by Carbide 3D earlier today:


(Stuart) #6

Where is the announcement? Or is the Nomad steel project the announcement?

I’m excited that Carbide3d are building the team bigger, and great to see Luke taken on, his HDZ is arguably the best quality Z-axis in the DIY/SUB$10k machine category - I look forward to seeing his impact on already great designs

x2 - so much work has been put into CC pro, there is a huge amount of potential there!

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(William Adams (Carbide 3D)) #7

I took the Facebook post as an announcement.


(Neil Ferreri) #8

My understanding is that Easel works with any grbl controlled machine.


(Jonathan Anderson) #9

Oh, interesting. I meant more company development, product announcements, strategy, etc. Less about specific projects done with their products.


(Rob Grzesek (Carbide 3D)) #10

Sounds like fun- we’re in.

Some new things very very close. The growth of the company has been great but it means we can no longer release a product without making sure production and the supply chain are very very buttoned up. We never want to repeat “The Great Probe-ocolypse of 2018” again.


(Jonathan Anderson) #11

Absolutely, that’s what I expected is happening based on your probe-debacle. Thank for continuing to work on great things. I can’t wait to see what they are and I probably should start saving now for them.

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(Neil Ferreri) #12

Isn’t that what made them so sought-after?


(Justin Clift) #13

Can it be put somewhere thats not-facebook also?

Not everyone has a FB account or can access it.


(William Adams (Carbide 3D)) #14

It’s a public post, no account or group membership needed:

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(Justin Clift) #15

No worries. Facebook (everything) is literally blocked at DNS level here. :wink:


(Paul Alfaro) #16

Yeah, and rather not give them the click

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(Rob Robinson) #17

Fun Fact: I was originally gonna buy an Xcarve and then i read about the Easel day pass (All X-Carve and Carvey owners can carve for free 4 days each month!), LOL’d, and then googled for alternatives.

ta da!


(Luc) #18

I guess that by now you should know that it is not only the Easel Pro fee that makes the Shapeoko a better choice than the XCarve. :wink:


(F B) #19

The pass is only for the Easel Pro features, and you don’t need to own an Inventables product. The rest of Easel is usable without pro minus vcarve and some fonts. I have XXL and use Easel all the time, and also use the free pro days.


(Gary Mitchell) #20

I’ve seem many hardware companies try to become software companies over my career. I can count on a few fingers those who I’d consider somewhat successful at it. Failures include IBM, EMC, Lexmark and that list goes on and on.

When “hardware” companies compete try to become software companies I’d liken it to “Mutually Assured Destruction”. I hope Inventables and Carbide3D don’t fall into that category. Do what you’re good at!