Interesting dovetail joint design

Came across this in a search:

Wonder if one couldn’t take advantage of having four surfaces to cut for the joint to get it all done in a single pass. Need to give some thought to the geometry and angles (after I finish getting a new carport built ,and the finger joint box)



Looking at this dovetailed box in the photo, I can’t help but think you could achieve the same look by using a 45 degree spline jig and a dovetail bit on a router table, and slip in contrasting wood dovetailed to fit the slots. If the box sides are thick enough this might not cut into the inside of the box, and the illusion would be intact. If not, could look interesting anyway. Only problem for us Shapeoko converts is how to hold the box at the necessary angle to cut the slots using CC and CM. My router table is but a storage surface these days.

OK. Took another look. Not quite the same. The edges would lack the contrasting wood along the sides between the dovetails. My bad, but still looks like fun.

Yeah, I’m hoping I can work up a way to hold four boards, four corner pieces, and then in either a single operation, or maybe a pair of them w/ a tool change cut things so it all fits together perfectly w/o voids.