Interesting Ikea/Harbor Freight storage hybrid

(Yes, I know I could make something using the CNC, but that requires parts and materials and time, and esp. the last, Napoleon’s most valuable commodity, is in short supply these days).

Anyway, while I’ve been using the small compartment organizers for a while, I’ve been needing some larger storage — was considering expanding on my Husky 22" Rolling Connect stack, but not wild about it and serious considering something else.

This looks nice enough that SWMBO hopefully won’t complain too much:

Anyone have anything better before I put in the order?


One downside I see is that it would be perhaps more ideal if the came out like drawers so you didn’t have to remove the case and find a flat spot on your workbench or floor to get out the part you want.

You’ll be able to remove a given container, no? It’s just open shelving which is coincidentally sized to hold the containers — the only glitch is the small ones get doubled up, so if you want the bottom one you’d pull both, then put the top back.

Incorporate full-extension or over-travel drawer slides with a simple “notch” in the wood strip attached to the slide that the case lip sits in. Case stays in place for pulling / pushing in and out, but lifts out easily when you want it to.

EDIT: I’ve been thinking about a smaller version of this for a while now. I want a small portable “things” without the hassle of having to empty out drawers. I have a bunch of these style cases - some are deep and red “ZAG” brand? Some are shallow and yellow "Stanley " I believe. Anyway, I want to be able to put 4-5 of the shallow ones in a holder or maybe two deeper ones and take them with me without having to carry them separately.

Overtravel drawer slides is where I am thinking of going. A case that has 5 sides, and then room for 5 of the shallow boxes or 2 of the deep boxes and one shallow. Then I can have my wire nuts, wire staples and cable related stuff( shallow), wall anchors and associated fasteners (shallow), and coated decking screws from 1.5" to 4.5" (the torx drive coated decking screws pretty much replaced all of my phillips drive coarse thread drywall screws a year or so ago.)

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There are a couple of smaller tray holders already available:

I’m tempted by the latter, but I just can’t bring myself to pay that much

Other storage options are the Artbin line (I actually bought a couple of containers for various art and crafts things) — the problem is the arts and crafts solution options usually don’t scale to the weight of hardware and tools.

My concern would be that the IKEA shelving unit is strong/durable enough for this type of use especially if the bins are heavy.

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Hey Will have you made yourself a storage chest with tray holders? I have just filled about 10 smaller tray holders and stacked them (better ensure they do not topple down the shelf) but I was curious if you made a design I could copy.

I just hacked at a Husky Rolling Connect Parts Bin:

I have found a Stanley organizer which may be a better fit, so have ordered one and we’ll see how it works out.

In case anyone is curious it’s:

(and the price has increased 13¢ since I bought it yesterday)

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The thing that stands out most with that photo, is the black cat with literally glowing eyes. :fearful:

Apparently including cats with photos is an on-going thing on Reddit and imgur used to be the de facto photo hosting sit for it.