When Home Depot meets Harbor Freight

Bought into the Husky Rolling Connect system from Home Depot, but misliked that there isn’t a drawer system available — took a saw to a $15 5-Compartment Connect System Tool Caddy Small Parts Organizer, added two Storehouse®20 Bin Medium Portable Parts Storage Case from Harbor Freight et voila!

Gory details of the cutting:

Still trying to work out tool selection/arrangement:

Not sure if the yellow trays are actually useful, but cutting the rectangles out of the anti-fatigue mats was a lot faster:


There is a narrow space to the side of the organizers — unfortunately I can’t find anything which fits into it — suggestions for a ~1.75" x 4.75" x 12" space?

3D print a pull-out drawer where you can put flat items like a small pry bar. Not knowing what you have, it is hard to tell you what you could store in the drawer.

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Unfortunately, that’s a bit larger than my 3D printer (an Ordbot Quantum I need to get working again after loaning it out) can manage.

I’ve been thinking about making a drawer or something, but it’s such a narrow space I’d lose a lot to the structure — I’m thinking I may just go for a small tool roll holding some gloves and a pair of safety glasses.

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vernier caliper (or dial, or digital, if those are your preference)
Rules and squares- That is about the right size for a combination square set

A simple vertical divider and form a drawer/sliding tray from acrylic or ABS sheet?

French fit from wood to hold one of the above?

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Hand plane? Twenty characters.

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I’ve got all those tools in other places — went with an old Caselogic zippered case holding a pair of gloves and a pair of safety glasses.

Next up is deciding what all gets French fit into these two cases (probably the chisels and so forth and my Blue Spruce Ultimate Coping Saw) — then I need to figure out what all I can fit into an Apache 5800 case I picked up as an impulse buy from Harbor Freight — then I’m going to stop on tools and so forth, and use things as they are until I retire, at which point in time I am going to make my dream workbench, and either a replica of the Studley Tool Cabinet, or some custom thing which holds all of my nicer tools.

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Dial caliper is safely in:

(which box is in the top compartment of a Craftsman machinist chest (Kennedy 526) I lucked into and have my other machinist tools in)

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Organizing this into a gallery:

The new photos show a rather ingenious tool for tracing out the tools — just a block of wood with a hold drilled through it, two angles cut so as to make the hole the apex of a triangle, and a pen insert taped in place — makes for a consistent line around the tools.

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