Interesting workbench design



I saw that article and thought it was interesting. The $400.00 estimate may be a little more in light of lumber prices rising lately.

The lumber price increases has not trickled down to the loggers. Meat at store has gone up but auction prices for beef on the hoof has decreased. Someone in the middle is making more while producers are taking a beating.


That’s pretty sweet!
I’m always thinking about shop optimization, and plotting an upgraded assembly table. The build looks like it would require a good amount of tiling on the ol’ XL.

Yeah, it raises the question of what would be the largest bench on could make — or maybe a section of a modular bench.

I’m not able to play much in this space since I can’t fit sheet goods into my basement — probably going to get a Tanos MW 1000 mobile workstation.

Do you take your work with you or just have (space) commitment issues?

That Tanos looks pretty convenient - makes a lot of sense if you’re already loving in that ecosystem.

Most of my hand tool woodworking is done on my back deck, so want to be mobile to accommodate that.

Systainers look promising since I’m planning on getting two tools which will come in them (Mafell drill and jig saw.)

That bench looks really nice, but I would probably do something from Ron Paulk.

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