Interpolating Key cutter for hanging slot in round pilot hole

Trying to figure out how to interpolate hole, with a mill, then bring in a key cutter in existing hole and interpolate a key. This would allow for hanging etc. It seems the key cutter enters hole fine, interpolates, but when done, it retracts straight up in z instead of centering and retracting. Thus, ii destroys the hole shape. I created OP 10 with 1/4" mill opening hole to .375. OP 20 is with .375 key cutter, 3/16" neck, I’m only stepping over .085" in interpolation. I’m using pocket, so I realize there is know way for Carbide to know to go back to center on the key cutter. New at this, assuming I may need to use MeshCam or something with more options.


As I understand your problem, you just need to tell your machine to go back to start before retracting Z.
You might need to just grab notepad and do this by hand, might be faster, it should be only on line telling the machine to reverse direction.

Gotcha, I’ll edit gcode. Part of my isuue was I was testing multiple test holes so I could make depth adjustments etc. I’ll focus on one hole and get the gcode correct. Thank you! Couldn’t see the forest for the trees, lol.

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