Introducing HDZ 4.0

We wanted to show everyone something a little new in the next batch of HDZ units, the HDZ 4.0:

The biggest change is a new bearing arrangement that uses two angular contact bearings in the motor mount to constrain the ball screw. Theoretically, this should be a little better than the prior versions but it makes assembly much easier and predictable than prior versions, which is the core reason we changed.

HDZ 4.0 will also only have a mount for inductive homing switches, the mechanical homing switches will not be supported.

Starting with this batch, HDZ will be available four ways:

  • Bundled with a Z motor for users that have a Z-Plus machine now
  • Bundled with an inductive switch kit for the Standard
  • Bundled with an inductive switch kit for the XL
  • Bundled with an inductive switch kit for the XXL

The inductive switch kit will contain all three switches on the machine plus an adapter PCB for use with all versions of our electronics. This adapter kit will be available separately before too long. (Still waiting on enough inventory at this point)

We’re in the middle of building a large batch right now and hoping to have them in stock the week after next.


Ah…such a tease! Looking forward to it!

Glad you guys are regularly improving things as you can! It’s great to see from a user end.

Does this mean that we’re likely to see an inductive switch kit coming soon?


We’re hoping so. The switch vendor was very very late delivering the batch that we had earmarked for upgrades so they ended up being needed for Shapeoko production. Once the next batch of switches arrives, we should be ready to make them available.

On the positive, the delay meant that we were able to get our new injection molded switch brackets in stock. So, once we start shipping, the the switch kits will come with the latest brackets that are functionally and aesthetically better.


Now the cat is out the bag…

I might have leaked in in April without anyone noticing :wink:


I know it was mentioned some time ago that an inductive switch retro-fit was in the works - would love a “notify me when available” option for that as my HDZ has already obliterated one limit switch.

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This looks like a beautiful beast. Now I might need to find a way to exchange my HDZ for one of these new guys :slight_smile:

Question: will the inductive switches eventually be compatible with existing HDZs?

Related question: do the inductive switches help reduce drift if the machine needs to be reset and recalibrated in the middle of a job (such as after a static-related disconnect)?

I guess I am trying to figure out just how much additional value and fine-tuned consistency those new switches actually offer.

Taking any pre-order?

Hey…let those of us who can’t even get an HDZ have a crack at one!


I cut a simple bracket to mount an inductive homing switch (shipped to me by mistake) to my HDZ — just a small plate w/ a rebate, a stud, a countersunk hole for an M3 machine screw and holes and recesses for a pair of M3 nuts — we’ll have an upgrade kit with the nicer injection-molded parts @robgrz mentioned.


@i3oilermaker - once we’re close to having it ready, we’ll put the product page up with a “Notify Me” button.

@Luke would be better to ask about this but one way or another, we’ll have an option for existing HDZ’s

This is a question with many strong opinions. Personally, my opinion is this- they’re more durable but not otherwise better. If the mechanical switches are working then there’s not a big need to upgrade. I think many of the problems we had with the mechanical switches were bracket related.

Probably not. We don’t want to promise anything until we’re absolutely ready and at that point, we’re probably ready to ship anyway.


The proximity switch kit has options which should be compatible with all Z axis, Original, HDZ (all versions), Z Plus etc… This makes it a retrofit option for all users if wanted. We have tried to make it really nice (also affordable - pricing will be announced soon when we are able to offer them).


The double sided tape and bit of rubber is working well for me so far as a “soft hard stop” to keep my legacy limit switch in one piece.

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Dang! I really don’t have any real ‘need’ for it, but boy do I want that upgrade!
I do think the proximity switches are a nice update too… Fewer moving parts usually means greater reliability!

It’s great you are improving all the time. But can we get some z plus in stock for those of use who have been waiting for months.

The Shapeoko team is building extra inventory of Z-Plus units each day to get enough ready for a launch.

Hopefully we’ll be ready to put the Z-Plus in stock in the same time time frame as the HDZ.


I imagine that there are more than a handful of people that just jump on the HDZs because they’re available when if given the option they may have gone the Z-plus route. That contributes to the feeding frenzy when those HDZ e-mails get sent out.

Being an over-thinker, it certainly made my decision making easier.


I have the z plus and I haven’t really felt the need for more just yet but I am just scratching the surface of this machine. Eventually I want to machine aluminum and I believe that is when I will find the limits of the z plus but so far I am loving the z plus. That doesn’t mean I still don’t want one of these beauties!



Will the new homing switches be available soon?

We probably need our switch vendor to get fully caught up on the outstanding PO’s that we’ll be able to offer enough kits so that we don’t run out immediately.

We’ll be able to estimate the date better in the next few weeks.