Introducing HDZ 4.0

I imagine that there are more than a handful of people that just jump on the HDZs because they’re available when if given the option they may have gone the Z-plus route. That contributes to the feeding frenzy when those HDZ e-mails get sent out.

Being an over-thinker, it certainly made my decision making easier.


I have the z plus and I haven’t really felt the need for more just yet but I am just scratching the surface of this machine. Eventually I want to machine aluminum and I believe that is when I will find the limits of the z plus but so far I am loving the z plus. That doesn’t mean I still don’t want one of these beauties!



Will the new homing switches be available soon?

We probably need our switch vendor to get fully caught up on the outstanding PO’s that we’ll be able to offer enough kits so that we don’t run out immediately.

We’ll be able to estimate the date better in the next few weeks.


Any plans for the current owners of previous versions of HDZ to update their units to Ver 4.0? Can the older units be sent to be upgraded for a reasonable fee?
I’d like to add that I’m very happy with my HDZ and I never had any issues since I got it, and please note that I got the original Blue HDZ.

I’m afraid it can’t be done. Almost every part other than the EZTram and front plate has a minor change.


Any update on when the HDZ will become available? I look every morning even though I’m signed up for email. LOL

We’re hoping for Monday or Tuesday.


Thanks. I hope I can get one before they sell out

Information is in the thread.

Edit: I see I’m too slow.

Also, we’re planning to have the ZPlus and HDZ in stock at the same time so there should be plenty of upgrade options available.


Is there a way to preorder or is it first come?

Not really, even preorder would effectively become first-come-first-serve. Once we make them available, there’s no difference between preorder and normal in-stock, it’s just a matter of when we ship them.


@robgrz I think @Bs893 Brian was just trying to lock in a position in line, so he doesn’t have to feel like he has to compete for a spot next week before the stock runs out (I hope Carbide has that problem, by the way!). That’s the reason for pre-ordering…to avoid getting shut out.

I totally understand but we don’t have that ability with our current e-commerce system.

We have a lot of both models almost ready to go so I don’t think we’ll run out in an hour (which, I think, only happened when we had just a few pieces to put in stock, never with a full batch).

Going forward, we put in an even bigger order for parts to make the next batch after we confirmed that HDZ 4.0 assembly was going according to plan. We expect that batch will get us through the rest of the year.

I will post to this thread an hour before we put the units in stock so you have a little extra warning.


Will you be able order the HDZ 4.0 as an upgrade with the purchase of a Shapeoko instead of the stock Z?

Not at this point. We can’t offer the machines with the HDZ until we have most of the existing demand satisfied and we’re sure that the supply chain problems are totally fixed.


Looking like it’ll be Tuesday for the release. Fedex missed a pickup to transfer parts from our Illinois shop to our California shop.


I dont know if the shipping companies have such a greater volume because of the pandemic or if they are just using it as an excuse for poor service. If they have an increase of volume and it is a profitable business then hire, if it is just an excuse then get it together. Amazon has been extremely slow with deliveries of Prime to me and unfortunately it falls on deaf ears when you complain to Amazon.

So what is really up with the delivery companies?

From about 30 years of experience using these services commercially, locally and international shipping, I can tell you that FedEX & UPS are about the same when it comes to screw-ups. The only difference is FedEx would lie and never admit fault. UPS will admit faults, and try to compensate/make it up for the merchant/shipper.