Introducing Sweepy Pro - HDM only

I’m pleased to announce the introduction of Sweepy Pro for the HDM. I really dig using this on wood and composite projects.

This is a fixed height dust boot for the HDM which we have been testing for a while. Version 0.1 made a guest appearance here a while back.

It can be found here

At present this is for the HDM only, we have looked at back porting it to other models but at currently this isn’t possible.

We will be adding stock shortly.


Not to mention this boot will be much better for space constrained enclosures. Looks awesome.

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How about a Sweepy Pro XXL boot?
One that is spring loaded to ride constantly at stock height and allows for the spindle to raise and lower independently? Now that would be cool!!!

Sweepy 2.0 constantly rides at spindle height. Assuming general stock this is also at stock height. It might need to be lowered part way through a job if thick stock, but it does an excellent job.


Don’t get me wrong, I think the Sweepy for the SPXXL works great. I was thinking a floating Sweepy would be an even better product.
It could be designed to never have to be removed, it could lock in a raised position say when changing a tool.
Just a thought not knocking what you have here, this is great too.

@Luke It would be nice if the airflow chambers were larger/taller I’m choking down a 4" Diameter 3hp dust collection system into a 2.5" Dia hose right above the machine (60%+ loss) then further choking it down in the Sweepy 2 to a 1.3"x2.1" square (80% net loss, sounds like sucking air through a tiny straw). My other4x8 CNC has a 6" dust collection port and they kept the chamber volumes high all the way to the bit (maximum cfm - sounds flush - nothing escapes). As you are well aware we can’t modify the width of these chambers as we’ll hit the sides of the machine, but we have space to increase the height, can you please make that modification to this sweepy pro? Looks like you could just add a long chamber spacer with magnets to the current set?

Also just wanted to put a request for longer and thicker bristles.

  1. 1.5" long might get a little beat up by the surfacing bits width, but won’t reach all other bits.

  2. .02" or .5mm thick is the only bristles I’ve found strong enough to stay firm and block chips with this kind of CFM, what was provided with sweepy 2 gets sucked up along with the air and is thus no longer blocking chips.

This HDM is a game-changing professional grade machine and I am excited to begin mass production work with it, it deserves a Sweepy Pro High Volume :wink: (keep up the innovative work, you’re doing great)


The height is what it is because we still need to keep to ample clearance under the Z. Once you go to a fixed height boot room quickly disappears. The 150mm of clearance is reduced to slightly <100mm with this version when you include the boot and brush.

We did quite a bit of testing before finalising and used high flow vacuum and this works very well for the application. I use mine regularly on wood projects and like the ease of use and adjustability.

We are looking at other bases for the rest of the sweepy range but we usually favour broad application.


Looks awesome! Will this ship with new HDM orders or will it remain an as upgrade only?

Eventually we might be able to assemble and include it as an option.

Right now we’re still catching up on HDM orders, it’s unlikely we’d be able to fit the boot prior to shipping. Assembly and setup is approx 15 min.


Sweepy HDM installed. Modded a design by @CNCInspiration Max to mount hose rings on top of HDM stepper, thanks Max!

Ring and bracket are acetone smoothed if anyone is curious. Also, Fusion and STL files attached.

NEMA bracket v7.stl (1.8 MB)
NEMA bracket
(765.2 KB)


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